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      Welcome   08/06/2017

      Welcome to the new and improved CFFC Teaching Community Forum. If you had an account on the old community, you'll need to reset your password at https://eduforum.cffc.org.nz/lostpassword/ From Monday, September 4 this space is being hosted by Angela - Education Manager at CFFC. Feel free to email her at angela.clemens@cffc.org.nz. Do drop her a line to say "Hello", share ideas, ask questions and for help to connect with others. Thank you to Catriona Pene and CORE Education for being our lead host these past few months, especially for getting us started! Catriona will still be with us sharing her keen interest in financial capability.  


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      Discussions on integrating financial capability activities in the classroom

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      The NZC matrix of learning outcomes for years 1 -13

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